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What is TFL Women’s Adventure?

TFL stands for The Foreign List. It started back in 2016 as a travel blog, documenting the adventures of a young woman backpacking around Europe on her own. Fast-forward to 2020 and it’s evolved into a digital magazine, sharing inspiring stories about real women going on real adventures.

As for the name, well, we decided to keep it. Orignally, it focused foreign countries, but now we like to think of it as focusing on foreign environments. Trying new things can be scary. Pushing yourself to your limits can be intimidating. Setting yourself up for success can be overwhelming.

We hope this magazine will inspire you, entertain you and educate you to take charge and venture outdoors.

All it takes to start is a single step.

What you’ll find here

  • Inspiring adventurers
  • Thoughtful features
  • Empowering tutorials
  • Interesting opinions
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Our mission and values

We are here to open doors and empower more people, especially women, to experience nature.

That means a few different things.

  1. First, we want to share good information. That means checking facts, interviewing experts and working with experienced writers who have faced these things first hand. We’re not interested in being judgy armchair adventurers, we want to be getting our hands dirty scrambling over rocks with you.
  2. Second, we want to focus on women. Studies show that about 40 per cent of women over the age of 25 are embarrassed about exercising in public… so we don’t. Team sports aren’t for everyone, but every woman should feel confident in moving her body and pushing it to its limits outdoors.
  3. Third, we want to advocate for the environment. We’re passionate about protecting our incredible outdoor playgrounds and are committed to educating our readers about important environmental issues and having discussions about how we can look after our lands.

That’s pretty much everything. Let’s get back to the stories, eh?

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TFL Women’s Adventure is registered to Australian Business Number 70 653 453 529.

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